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Teaching Inspiration

"With all of its opportunities for trespass, with all of its peculiar relationships, a school is a good place for younger and older people to discover the pleasure of reciprocal acknowledgement, which is what courtesy is, and if we listen to certain poets and mystics, what heaven is, too, and what earth is meant to be: each creature expressing its appreciative awareness of every other, each being restraining itself for a time so that in time all may be themselves without stint, diminution, or shame."

--Garrett Keizer, No Place But Here (Vintage, 1988)

"I prefer nothing, unless it is true."


Jennifer M. Reynolds, photographer

"The motivator par excellence is our heart's desire, assuming we desire noticing the unexpected, finding an odd-ball but interesting fact that requires rethinking an old assumption, discovering a new author, getting pleasure from the way certain words sound together or hearing an idea expressed particularly aptly. Too many teachers who on their own tie are immersed in such pursuits don't necessarily connect them to their personal lives."

--Deborah Meier, The Power of Their Ideas (Beacon Press, 1995)